THANK YOU to those who joined us on Nov. 15!!

Below is the video we premiered at the event, celebrating the official launch of The Desk.

Community Desk Chicago (“The Desk”) is celebrating an important milestone: Launching as a fully independent not-for-profit after a 5-year incubation period.

But this party isn’t just about The Desk. It’s about all of us — the entrepreneurs, community leaders, nonprofits, foundations, investors, and others working together to create a path toward greater community wealth and prosperity in Chicago.

We are the people who know that Chicago’s underserved communities haven’t always gotten a fair shake, and we are the people working together to change that. This work cannot be done alone. We are all vibrant threads that, when woven together, form a durable fabric that can support communities as they work to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Together, we’ve faced many challenges. We’ve had some successes. We’ve made some exciting plans. Please join us for an evening of reflection, celebration, and FUN as we continue this worthy journey together!!

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