Community Desk Chicago CEO Ja’Net Defell recently moderated this panel at the City Club of Chicago in front of an audience of more than 150 Chicago leaders and executives. The discussion included our NDI participant, Cecile DeMello of Teamwork Englewood (read her profile!), which is the lead agency implementing the Englewood Quality of Life Initiative. Together with other partners  from Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce, E.G. Woode, and Grow Greater Englewood, we discussed how recent efforts have fostered more than $100 million in investments expected in the next few years. Panelists outlined how Englewood is one of the most innovative communities in the city – demonstrating their ability to mobilize around issues like the reopening of the Racine Green Line Station and to trailblaze on shared ownership models such as E.G. Woode and the Englewood Community Land Trust. These examples are further evidence of the momentum toward increased local ownership, local wealth and local economic development. You can watch the full session on the City Club site. There were definitely a few mic-drop moments.