Black entrepreneurs and small developers are often excluded from investment opportunities. The Desk advocates for the little guy to bring resources to the table.” – Deon Lucas, E.G. Woode

I grew up on the South Side. I’m opening my bakery in Avalon Park because I see the opportunity and believe small businesses can thrive. – Justice of the Pies Maya Camille Broussard

“The Desk isn’t only about supporting community projects. It’s also about driving more investment and unlocking the potential of Chicago neighborhoods.” – Charlie Corrigan, JPMorgan Chase & Co

“Systemic change to traditional capital sources is critical to wealth-building and strengthening communities of color. – Lyneir Richardson, Chicago TREND

“As a worker co-op, we believe locally-owned businesses are a critical component to neighborhood wealth-building and revitalization. ChiFresh Kitchen Camille Kerr, ChiFresh Kitchen

All Chicago residents deserve to live in healthy and holistic communities with access to jobs, education, housing, retail and other baseline amenities. In Black and Latinx neighborhoods, financial resources to support community development and revitalizations are often difficult to obtain.

Community Desk Chicago works with nonprofits, community developers and entrepreneurs to assemble the necessary capital, expertise and other resources to increase real estate development in their neighborhoods that promote a high quality of life and provide wealth-building opportunities. 

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Community Desk Chicago is a real estate development group that focuses on building wealth and investment in Black and brown communities on the city’s South and West sides. Reset learns more about the organization and how it’s shifting the city’s model of community...

Ja’Net Defell Unlocking access to capital

By Ja'Net Defell, Director June 7, 2021 I grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. It was and still is a predominately Black community. I remember as a child that the highlight of my day was walking to the local family-owned grocer. The...